Friday, July 14, 2017

Cards From Three Continents

Hello again. As mentioned in the post title, I have cards from Asia, Europe and South America to have a look at today. Let's start with The Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.
Nuwara Eliya is a city in the tea country of central Sri Lanka. It is considered the most important location for tea production in the country. The Grand Hotel is a 154 room luxury hotel in the city. It is built in the style of an Elizabethan-era manor house. In 2012 National Geographic Traveler listed The Grand Hotel as one of six places to visit in all of Sri Lanka.

Ravindra used a couple of fine stamps, three in fact , on his card. The top left stamp is from 2014 and celebrates Deyata Kirula. The stamp on the right celebrates the 160th Anniversary of the First Postage Stamp of Sri Lanka. Then there's the overprinted Orion stamp towards the bottom.

Next is the latest addition to my Airline / Airplane cards collection. A Deutche BA Fokker 100 - registered as D-ADFD.
Deutche BA was a lowc-cost airline headquartered on the grounds of Munich Airport. It operated from 1992 to 2008. This aircraft D-ADFD had its first flight on Jube 21, 1991. It later operated as F-GNLJ for Air Liberte in 1997, CCM Airlines in 2001 and Regional CAE in 2005. It has been stored since August of 2010.

Martin used a 2016 Tourism stamp , 1 of 2 in a set showcasing Germany's Most Beautiful Panoramas.

Now it's back to Asia and Bali, Indonesia. With a population of 4.25 million , the island is a popular tourist attraction. Just this past March, TripAdvisor named Bali the world's top destination. Bali has many nicknames - Island of Gods, Island of Peace, Morning of the World and Island of Love. Bali is also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site - the Subak Irrigation System.
Jean Pierre's card shows the 18th century Kerta Gosa Pavilion.

The stamps are 2 of 4 in a 2017 Set of Wonderful Tourism Destinations of Indonesia.

It's off to South America for this next card - Campos do Jordao, Brazil in fact. A little paradise in the mountains of the Sierra da Mantiqueira. At 5,340 feet, the highest city in Brazil, Campos do Jordao is known as the Brazilian Switzerland.

This card is from my brother Dale who frequently spends months at a time in Brazil. He's back in Canada now though. Dale used a number of the smaller Brazilian stamps from 2005, 2011 and 2015.

The last card for today takes us back to Asia for one last time. It features the Library of Wuhan University in the sprawling capital of Central China's Hubei Province. Wuhan is a great city for tourists. Lot of attractions such as The Bund, Riverside Park-the world's longest river side park, Yellow Crane Tower, Hubei Provincial Museum - containing the Marquis Y's bells, East Lake and the Mao Flood Memorial.

Just so you know, the East lake mentioned is not to be confused with the East Lake adjacent to where I live. My East Lake can be seen on my other blog called " My Look at East Lake " . You can see it right  here .
Time for a little fun - The first reader who visits My Look at East Lake and leaves a comment of some kind about my East Lake will win a postcard with a great stamp or maybe great stamps.  

Ivy who attends Wuhan University used a wonderful stamp from 2014 showing Zhuge Liang.

Well another blog update comes to an end. Thanks for today's cards go out to Ravindra, Martin, Jean Pierre, my brother Dale and Ivy. I hope you all enjoyed today's cards and stamps and you'll find time to return soon. Take care.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Wooden Cards, Canada 150, The Calgary Stampede and a Whole Lot More

Yes, I'm here again with another bunch of postcards. I guess that's why you're here too. So let's get to it.

I'll start with the P P Islands.  The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between Phuket and the west Strait of Mallacca coast of the mainland. Maya Bay, shown on the card , has become the main tourist attraction of Phi Phi since The Beach was filmed there in 1999.

Khun Gordon used a fine stamp selection of stamps on this one. On the top at 170 mm is the longest stamp in the world. It was issued this year to celebrate the longest reign in the world of King Bhumibol's 70 years ( 1946-206 ) . Also shown are 2 Flower definitives.

Next up is Locomotive #4, a vintage  narrow gauge engine at Portland , Maine, USA.

Even though this is an American themed card with 2 U S flags on the locomotive, it arrived from Russia. Natasha used 3 of the 2009 Kremlin definitives along with a really nice Aviation themed stamp from last year. It is 1 of 4 in a set commemorating the First World War.

Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises is the subject of this next card. It is a commune in north-eastern France.  Colombey is known as the home and burial site of Charles de Gualle.

Dominique used 2 stamps from 1967 on this card. 1967 was a Good year, it was Canada's Centennial, now it's 2017 and Canada's Sesquicentennial. Yes, back to the stamps. On the left is a stamp highlighting the 3rd International Radio and Television Congress. Then on the right is a stamp celebrating the Grand Bridge in Bordeaux .

Next it's Canada House in London. The card shows Canada House in 2013 on the left and then on the right, how it appeared in 1828, when it was the Royal College of Physicians.

This card is a great souvenir of Canada's Sesquicentennial . Jean Pierre secured a great Canada 150 Years cancellation on the stamps. He used 2 Machin definitives along with a 2017 stamp from a set of 8 entitled Ancient Britain. The one on the card shows Maiden Castle Hill Fort in Dorset.

Earlier I made a little reference to Canada's Sesquicentennial , now I get to elaborate. My next card is one of those thin wooden ( cedar) cards. " This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land , 1867-2017. One of a number of wooden cards issued for the country's birthday.

Shown is Fisgard Lighthouse at Esquimalt , B.C. It was the first lighthouse on Canada's west coast, and was lit in Nov 1860.

This is another card from My Lovely Teena. She used one of the new Canada 150 collection. The Maple Leaf shaped stamp is one of ten in a set issued June 1st. It shows Canada's most famous robotics accomplishment - the Canadarm - which took flight into space in 1981.

Hey it's another card from My Lovely Teena. A short while ago we made a one day trip to Moraine Lake in The Valley of The Ten Peaks in Banff Nation Park. One of the Truly Beautiful Places, in my humble opinion. I just love it there. It renews me.

The postcard is beautiful , But. I took a few pictures myself which I think can rate right up there with the cards you can pick up in the shops.
Here's a couple of them.

 On Teena's Moraine Lake card she used another of the Canada 150 collection. This one commemorates the Trans-Canada Highway, completed in 1971. It's the 8000 km road connecting Canada together, from St. John's to Victoria.

Why stop now ? One more from My Lovely Teena. Well the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth - The Calgary Stampede is currently underway in the big city down the road. So a Calgary Stampede card is a must. On this one, a rodeo cowboy tries to hang on for the required eight seconds. Doesn't seen like a long time, but I imagine while you're aboard that bucking bronc, it seems like forever.

Teena used a different stamp on this one. It's Canada's first ever Eid stamp.

Now, the last card for today. Another cedar card - I think they're just great. One more to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. The Maple Leaf Flag. You can't get more Canadian than that. I'll just end with a few Canadian things : Toques, Terry Fox, Tim Hortons, Loonies & Toonies, Insulin, Poutine, Ketchup Chips, Hockey, Basketball, The WonderBra, Peace Keeping, Timbits, and The Canadarm . Oh by the way, for those that don't know, I Am Canadian.

Terry Fox and the Marathon of Hope are celebrated on this stamp from the Canada 150 collection. Terry's legacy has raised over $650 million dollars for cancer research in Terry's name. Physical memorials named for Terry include : 32 roads and streets, 14 schools, 14 other buildings, a mountain in the Rockies, a Canadian Coast Icebreaker, a civic holiday in Manitoba and The Terry Fox Hall of Fame. Terry's image has also appeared on coins and stamps.

I think that's enough for today. Thanks for cards go out to Khun Gordon, Natasha, Dominique, Jean Pierre and of course My Lovely Teena. Hope you enjoyed the cards today, and that I was't too Canadian for you. Take care.

Friday, July 7, 2017

July's 2nd - Calgary Stampede - YAHOO

Hello again. This is a big day in Calgary , just down the road from where I am located in Airdrie. The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth - The Calgary Stampede opened today. The parade was held this morning and gates to the stampede grounds opened this afternoon. The Stampede has been going strong since 1912. So it's 10 days of cowboy fun, stampede breakfasts, hay bales, world class entertainment and thousands of shouts of YAHOO.

I thought it only right to start this blog of with a postcard showing the premier event of the Calgary Stampede. The Rangeland Derby or Chuckwagon Races.  Top prize for this event is CAD $100,000.

So if you're in the neighborhood be sure to giddy-up, get your cowboy duds on and practice your YAHOOS.
Now back to regular programming. First is a beautiful card from Zambia and an aerial view of mighty Victoria Falls. The highest point of this falls is 108 m. The area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1989.

Bruce , who was on a quick visit to the country sent this card. He used a couple of the 2006 stamps celebrating the 150th Anniversary of David Livingston at Victoria Falls.

My second card is from Singapore. You can see many of the skyscrapers along the Singapore River.

Jean Pierre used a beautiful and large Bird stamp from this year. It is 1 of 4 in this beautiful set and shows the Blue Eared Kingfisher.

Nice clear circular postmark from the Marine Parade Post Office.

That's it for this . A rather short version of my blog. Thanks go out to Bruce and Jean Pierre for the great cards. And one more time for The Stampede -- YAHOO.

Monday, July 3, 2017

July's First Update

Hello July , and hello readers. I have a nice assortment of cards for today - three cards from Belgium, two from Turkey and singles from Japan, Germany, and Russia.

All 3 cards from Belgium are compliments of Johan. He has a great postcard blog called johan postcards and you can check it out right here .
Johan's first card shows Het Steen or Steen Castle, a medieval fortress in the old city centre of Antwerp. It is the city's oldest building and has been used at times as a maritime museum, a prison, a fish warehouse and even a sawmill.

Johan's card arrived with a First Day Date of June 12th. It is a Europa stamp in the Palaces & Castles theme.

Johan's second card gives us a look at Eddy Merckx, a Belgian former road and track bicycle racer who won the Tour de France five times. I do believe he's the guy in yellow on the card. Please feel free to tell me if I'm wrong on that one.

It's another First Day Cancellation , again June 12th on this one. The stamp is from a set of 10 Belgian Bike Tour Winners. Shown on the stamp is Marrice De Waele, who placed 2nd in the 1929 Tour de France.

One more from Johan. This card shows The Sweert, a corner house , located on Grote Markt 3, in Hasselt. It is one of  Hasselt's most famous houses. This house was mentioned as far back as 1462 as an inn, then it was rebuilt in 1659 and in 1713  became a pharmacy.

It's another First Day of Issue stamp on this card. The stamp is 1 of 5 in a Medical Breakthroughs set .

My next card is from Japan. It's a look at the flight deck of a Boeing 747-400  - somewhere I haven't been. This is a JAL - Japan Airlines card so I guess it's a JAL 747.

Yasushi used 2 Animal Definitives from the 2015 set of 12.

Here's my card from Germany for this time. The card may be from Germany, but it's theme is from the
Netherlands. It's the Zeeland Bridge, the longest bridge in the Netherlands at 5022 m . It was built between 1963 and 1965.

Gunther used a Flower definitive and a 2017 Treasures of German Museums - Paintings stamp. It is 1 of 2 in the set.

Now it's my first of two cards from Turkey. This one shows Hagia Sophia, a museum in Istanbul. It was built between 532 and 537. It was originally a Christian Cathedral and then later a Greek Orthodox Cathedral, A Roman Catholic Cathedral, and an Imperial Mosque.

The card was sent by Cansu and she used 2 fine stamps. On the left is 1 of 5 in a 2013 Calligraphy set. Then on the right is 1 of 3 in an Ozone Layer set.

Here's a second card from Turkey, this time showing Hadrian's Gate, an arch located in the city of Antalya, built in the name of Roman emperor Hadrian.

Nuri who lives in Antalya sent this card. He used a 2017 definitive stamp celebrating " Discover the Potential " .

And now to end this update , I have a little pin-up from Russia. I thing she's trying to work up her courage to jump off the diving board. Or maybe not - maybe she's just sunning herself.  Who knows ?

Olga used a bunch of those Kremlin definitives from 2009. I'll show them but after all this time they don't need any comment.

There you have it. My first July update has come to an end. Thanks for the cards today go out to Johan, Yasushi, Gunther, Cansu, Nuri and Olga. Eight cards today - a little longer than my usual . Hope you all stayed until the end. Thanks for dropping in. Take care.